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2-d matrices

In matrix.cecil:

abstract object matrix[T];
  extend type matrix[`T] subtypes matrix[`S >= T];
  signature num_rows(matrix[`T]):int;
  signature num_cols(matrix[`T]):int;
  signature fetch(matrix[`T], row:int, col:int):T;
  method row(m@:matrix[`T], row:int):indexed[T];
  method col(m@:matrix[`T], col:int):indexed[T];
  method rows(m@:matrix[`T]):indexed[indexed[T]];
  method indices_do(m@:matrix[`T], c:&(int,int):void):void;
  method do(m@:matrix[`T], c:&(int,int,T):void):void;
  method +(m1@:matrix[`T <= num], m2@:matrix[T]):matrix[T];
  method *(m1@:matrix[`T <= num], m2@:matrix[T]):matrix[T|int];
  method *_ugly(m1@:matrix[`T <= num], m2@:matrix[T]):matrix[T|int];
  extend matrix[`T <= comparable[T]] isa comparable[matrix[T]];
  method =(m1@:matrix[`T <= comparable[T]], m2@:matrix[`T]):bool;
  method print_string(m@:matrix[`T]):string;
  method copy_init(m@:matrix[`T], num_rows:int, num_cols:int,
  signature copy_init[T](matrix[T], num_rows:int, num_cols:int,
  method copy_mutable_init(m@:matrix[`T], num_rows:int, num_cols:int,
  signature copy_mutable_init[T](matrix[T], num_rows:int, num_cols:int,
abstract object m_matrix[T] isa matrix[T];
  signature store(matrix[`T], row:int, col:int, value:T):void;
template representation vector_matrix[T] isa m_matrix[T];
  field rows(@:vector_matrix[`T]):m_vector[m_vector[T]];
  method num_rows(m@:vector_matrix[`T]):int;
  method num_cols(m@:vector_matrix[`T]):int;
  method fetch(m@:vector_matrix[`T], row:int, col:int):T;
  method store(m@:vector_matrix[`T], row:int, col:int, value:T):void;
  method row(m@:vector_matrix[`T], row:int):indexed[T];
  method new_vector_matrix_init[T](num_rows:int, num_cols:int,
  method copy_init[T](m@:vector_matrix[T], num_rows:int, num_cols:int,
  method copy_mutable_init[T](m@:vector_matrix[T], num_rows:int, num_cols:int,
A matrix is a two-dimensional indexable collection.

Matrices support querying the number of rows and columns of a matrix, extracting an element, a row, or a column of the matrix, and converting the matrix into a vector of row vectors. The do and indices_do methods support iterating over the matrix. Conformable matrices can be added and multiplied. A matrix of comparable values is itself comparable, pointwise. Mutable matrices support changing a given matrix element.

One concrete implementation of matrices exists, based on representing matrices by a vector of vectors. The new_vector_matrix_init functions supports creating a new vector_matrix of a given size with its elements initialized as specified by the init_fn closure.

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