UW Cecil Group : Support

Our projects have been generously supported by a number of organizations. Some are listed below.

Our work has been supported through NSF RIA, NYI, ITR, and other grants.
ARPA/ONR supported our work (as part of the SPIN project) on developing advanced compiler technology for safe systems programming languages, including staged dynamic compilation.
Sun Microsystems
Sun donated much of our equipment and also provided graduate student support. They also developed the javap Java bytecode disassembler as part of the JDK, which we used to derive our Java front-ends for Vortex and Whirlwind.
IBM has supported our work through UPP Faculty Development awards and funding for graduate students, in addition to giving lots of equipment to our department that we use.
Xerox PARC
Xerox PARC has provided funding to the project.
Object Technology International
OTI has provided funding to the project.
Edison Design Group
EDG donated source code to their C++ front-end, which we used as the base for our C++ front-end for our Vortex compiler.
Pure Software
Pure donated some of their development tools.
DEC Systems Research Center
We adapted the SRC Modula-3 compiler to become the Modula-3 front-end for our Vortex compiler.