PEPM `97 Talk Outline

Susan suggested that the talk serve to interest the audience in reading the gory details in the paper. To that end, we should probably talk about what we do and why, rather than how.

This is an outline that follows the high-level structure of the paper. Although it doesn't give any details about how we do anything, it may already be too detailed in saying what we do.

  1. Advantages of Run-Time Specialization
  2. Applications
  3. Our Approach
  4. Advantages of Our DC System
  5. Annotations
  6. Introduce Interpreter Example
  7. Functionality Needed
  8. Features
  9. System Architecture (Picture)
  10. Run-Time Specializer
  11. Analysis
  12. Status
  13. Conclusions and Future Work

Last updated May 8, 1997.
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