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Developing Your Own Semantic Applications

The UW Semantic Web project is built upon an open architecture that permits and encourages everyone to write their own semantic applications.

Presently there are two possible ways for you to construct a new service:

  • By using the search service. This service allows you to execute queries that combine text (regular HTML) and semantic parts. Your service could utilize the search service to provide an interesting semantic result and display the results directly, or could post-process the search results for more flexibility. As an example, here is a predefined search for Luke McDowell's office and work phone.
  • A second, more flexible approach is to write a service that directly interacts with the semantic server. The server is built on top of the RDF tool Jena, so these types of applications consist of simple Java programs that access the semantic database using either a procedural or a query language interface. For more information about how to do this, contact lucasm@cs.washington.edu.