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The Online Learning Environments Group

The Online Learning Environments Group (OLE Group) at the University of Washington was established during the Spring of 2002 in order to support research in the design and testing of web-based educational software systems. The projects in this Group are research-oriented, and therefore somewhat different from the service efforts of programs such as the University of Washington's UWired Program and its Catalyst Suite.


Projects in the OLE Group currently include the following:


For a list of people associated with the group, click here. If you are a member of the University of Washington community and interested in the group's activities, send mail to Steve Tanimoto. (tanimoto@cs).


Some of the OLE group publications are available online. Click here for a list of currently available items.

Resources for OLE Group Participants

The OLE Group maintains several local webs for development purposes. You will need a CSNetID to access these pages.

INFACT Developers' Wiki-web

The INFACT APIs documentation.

This page is normally stored at /projects/infact/ole.

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