Dynamic Compilation Discussion Page

This page lists our e-mail archives on the current topics of discussion. E-mail to the dynamic compilation group (spin-comp@cs) is automatically appended to one of a number of topical discussion archives, or to the general e-mail archive. Messages can also be "carbon copied" to spin-comp-archive@cs, in which case they'll be archived without being sent to the whole group.

To add to a particular discussion, include an X-DiscussionList: line in your mail header when you send e-mail to either spin-comp@cs or spin-comp-archive@cs. If you use MH, you can insert the line in your components file above To: to have this line inserted automatically into your e-mail. The string following X-DiscussionList: specifies the desired discussion archive. The string should not contain spaces -- it will be basis of the file name for the archive.

The e-mail will then automatically be added to one of the discussion topics on our internal discussion web. If that topic doesn't yet exist, a new one will be created and added to the list on the discussion web page. If the X-DiscussionList field is blank or that line isn't included in the e-mail, the message will be appended to the general e-mail archive.

The existing discussion topics are listed below. The title for each topic is taken from the subject line of the first message to that topic. The topic names are listed in parentheses after the titles.

Sample use:
X-DiscussionList: mflow-changes
Subject: another change we need to make to Multiflow

General E-mail Archive

Discussion Topics

Last updated May 13, 1998.
Brian Grant (grant@cs.washington.edu)